What to Expect

We meet in a small chapel overlooking Cook Inlet built in 1975. Huge windows look south across Turnagain Arm. An old log-sided building from the 50's was the first meeting place here.


We have two identical Sunday services: 8:00am and 11:00am, with Bible classes in between (9:40am-10:40am) for all ages. Worship songs mix traditional and contemporary, incorporating a variety of instrumentation. We stand to sing, believing it helps us to be more engaged. There is a 15-20 minute break before and after Bible classes. And yes - there's coffee (and tea).


Our services tend to traditional, yet feel informal. Some men wear ties; most do not. You will see casual to quite spiffy dress. Our focus is not wardrobe, but worship.


You won't see offering plates. People leave their gifts to the Lord in the offering box in the foyer.


We serve open Communion the first Sunday of each month. This means if you are a Christ follower, we invite you to participate. 


Each week we have public prayer. No one is put on the spot, but you have opportunity to speak out loud to the congregation about your desire for prayer or praise.


Preaching of the Word of God (Bible) is normally exegetical, opening the meaning of the Scripture line by line, verse by verse. Services run about 70 - 85 minutes. Occasionally we have guest speakers and special presentations.


Please call 345-4424 if you want to find out more about an upcoming service.

How We Operate

Chapel By The Sea, Inc. (CBTS) is a local church serving God in Anchorage, Alaska. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is the Head of His Church. We believe that the Church is comprised the body of believers, not the buildings. 


The human government of this church is vested in voting church members. The offices of elders and deacons form the biblically recognized leadership structure. The members recognize the elders as the spiritual overseers of the congregation. Pastors are elders who are set apart by gifting to teach and preach. 

Currently, there are two pastors in the body of elders. They serve co-equals with the other elders in oversight and decision-making. As such, they carry no more weight on the board than the other men. The deacons, who serve under the direction of the elders, are servants tasked with administrating the practical affairs of our fellowship, such as benevolence, property management and various ministries within the church body. 

CBTS’ Senior Pastor Tim Davis is the primary preaching/teaching pastor. Our Youth Pastor Tyler Jackson leads the Sunday School, High School and various youth activities. 

We have an administrative support staff comprised of a Communications Specialist Shirley Johnston and an Office/Business Manager Mary Glover, who are there to help and serve.  

Each year, there are two regularly scheduled congregational meetings. The purpose is to hear Ministry Reports of how God is working in our lives and to discuss and vote on motions brought before the members. The annual budget for CBTS is presented at the January meeting for discussion and approval by the church body of members.


Do you want to invest yourself in life and ministry with us as a member? We like what one man said to us several years ago when he and his wife joined the church. They looked at this relationship like a marriage. They planned to commit themselves to the the group of believers through ups and downs, easy and tough times. 

If you want to give yourself to the church that way, we invite you to meet the elders and give testimony of your faith in Christ as Savior, giving assurance of your willingness to follow and submit to the Word of God as your only rule of faith, doctrine, and practice. That, and your agreement with the statement of faith of this church, makes you eligible for membership.

You are welcome to contact any one of the elders to get the process started. 

Upon approval, we encourage you to make your testimony public at a Chapel service. That can encourage and strengthen you and it certainly encourages our people! There's a richness to fellowship with people committed to one another like that. Like a marriage! 

Facility Use

Please contact the Chapel office at (907) 345-4424 or cbtscommunications@gmail.com for information about using the Chapel facilities for events or meetings. 

Wedding Policy: Because of the beauty of the campus here at CBTS and since it is recognized by many people as a desired location for weddings, it is impossible to accommodate all requests for weddings here on campus. Therefore, only those who regularly attend services at Chapel for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the wedding and immediate family members of those who regularly attend the Chapel may use the facilities for weddings. Use is not a matter of membership, but rather of relationship – that is to say knowing the community of people who fellowship regularly at CBTS shall be the criteria for use.