To Friends and Family of

Chapel by the Sea


Spend enough time in one place and you see what sticks and what slides off.  You see fads come and go, several layers of paint laid down, people moving in and people moving away. 


After 36+ years at Chapel by the Sea I can tell you with great confidence, what sticks here is the deeply held value of God's word taught, lived out and disbursed around the world.  It is a heritage of faithfulness to the word of God –  staying true to the text and not compromised by the times.


Anyone who has spent any time at the Chapel has tasted this reality.  While I have no idea of how many people have been influenced by the values of this  fellowship, I am confident it is in the multiple thousands.  For over 60 years the Chapel has held the line on things biblical. 


In pursuing this focus, we have put little emphasis on our facilities.  We have lived frugally and tried to do the best we could by taking care of what we have been entrusted to use.  We are now at a place where repairs and remodels are insufficient and non-economical. 


As past beneficiaries of the Chapel's ministry you already know our commitment to accountable use of any resources God applies to our stewardship account.  We are excited that the LORD has given us an opportunity to invite you to have a part in this continuing ministry. Our hope is that you will join with us in seeing the Chapel's heritage continue to influence our world by replacing timed out facilities, namely our educational building.


On behalf of the Chapel family, God's grace to you,



Rev. Timothy Davis