Pastor Ken Rosentrater

Pastor Ken's godly influence was felt not only at Chapel by the Sea, but also in the wider Anchorage community and around the world.  As a convenience to those who were not able to attend his Celebration of Life, these links to the memorial booklet and video of the service will be available from the CBTS website until

November 29, 2019.

The memorial booklet from Pastor Ken's service is available here

The video of the Celebration of Life for Pastor Ken is available here.  The recording also includes several of Pastor Ken's videos. 

Part 1: Slide show starts at the beginning of the video

Part 2: Memorial Service, starting at 12:40


Pastor Ken’s Videos:

(From the video site, choose "show more" for links to the start of individual recordings.)

Part 3: The Interview, starting at 1:12:40

Part 4: Chili Cook-off Final, starting at 1:24:23

Part 5: The Rock, starting at 1:27:15

Part 6: The What, History, starting at 1:33:45

Part 7: Christmas 2017, starting at 1:41:20

Part 8: History of FaithBuilders, starting at 1:41:49