Proposed revisions to the Chapel's

Statement of Faith

As reported during the Annual Business Meeting, the Elders have been working through and revising the Chapel’s Statement of Faith.  The purpose of our Statement of Faith is to communicate the gospel and to make known where the Chapel stands on issues of particular importance to true Christian faith and life and the practice of both in this church.  We desire to do this as clearly and as precisely as we can, hence the need to make some revisions.  The Elders will be discussing each section of the Statement of Faith and the revisions during the Sunday School hour in the sanctuary beginning this Sunday, April 18th through the end of the Spring semester.  We encourage all who are able to please attend these meetings.  However, we will be recording the audio of these discussions and will provide links once they are available.  Hardcopies of the revisions will be available in the foyer of the church as well as electronic copies through all of Chapel’s media.  We plan to present these revisions to vote at our July Semi-Annual Business Meeting, and in accordance with our Constitution, we are announcing that intent and making the revisions available a minimum of three months prior to that meeting.   We hope that everyone will take some time to prayerfully review the revisions, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of the elders who will be more than happy to discuss with you. 

The proposed revisions are available  here.

Note:  Due to a technical problem, session 3 (May 9) is not available.  Session 3 covered section D (The Sinfulness of Man), section E (Salvation), and section F (A Holy Life).  If you have questions about any of the changes in these sections, please speak to one of the Chapel elders.