Atteberry Discipleship Group

Led by Justin Atteberry

Study:                 "Why I Still Do Not Have Enough                             Faith to Be an Atheist" by

                           Dr. Frank Turek

Meeting time:     Introductory meeting will be                                   Tuesday, February 2, at 7:00pm.                               Please bring a snack to share.                               After the introduction we will                                 meet each Thursday.

                            Circle   All ages are welcome, but                                   small child care is not                                             provided.

Hosted by:          Mike and Emily Dahlstrom

Location:             3911 Stargazer Circle


Phone:                  907-205-7110 (Mike)


Vandagriff Discipleship Group

Led by Steve and Kim Vandagriff

Study:                    Discussion of the week's                                          sermon

Meeting time:         Every Tuesday, 6:30 pm

                               Circle All ages are welcome

Hosted by:             Steve and Kim Vandagriff

Location:                3303 Woodland Park Drive


Phone:                    907-243-3070

                               907-632-9918 (Steve)


Walker Discipleship Group

Led by Jeff and Lynette Walker

Study:                 Read-through and                                                   discussion of scripture

Meeting Time:     Sundays 5:30 - 9:00 pm

                           Circle   Adults only

Hosted by:          Jeff and Lynette Walker

Location:             8450 Solar Drive


Phone:                907-242-6161 (Jeffry)

                           907-229-1602 (Lynette)

Moore Discipleship Group

Led by Jay and Patti Moore

**This group is currently full**

Study:                     "The Sermon on the Mount,"                                    by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Meeting Time:         Every other Thursday

                               6:30 - 9:00 pm

                               Circle  Adults only

Hosted by:              Jay and Patti Moore

Location:                11520 Jennifer Ann Circle


Phone:                     907-350-6936 (Jay)