What are Discipleship Groups?

Discipleship groups are church-wide adult small groups.  We encourage every adult member and attender to consider participating in this Discipleship Group ministry.  Discipleship groups should build upon each of the following components, though exactly how that looks in each group may be as diverse as the body itself:

  •         Relationships
  •         Truth
  •         Prayer
  •         Engagement

Current groups

Click here to see a list of current groups and leaders' contact information.  

Who will lead the small groups?

Leaders are needed!  If you have a heart for developing relationships and growing spiritually with fellow believers, please consider talking to a Chapel elder about becoming a group leader. We desire to start at least 5 more groups this year and to grow the ministry from there, so we are praying for new leaders to serve in this way. 

This is an amazing opportunity to experience Christ-centered transformation in your life and in the lives of others. If you would like to learn more about what it means to lead a group, click here.

There is no specific way for these groups to look or operate

Weekly or bi-weekly meetings?  Share a meal or not? It’s up to each group to decide.  The ministry will be structured around a Fall to Spring framework, but again, each group will determine their schedule.  

Flexible curriculum is available while still being aligned as a church

Possible curriculum options  include*

  • Weekly sermon discussion
  • A prepared curriculum (Examples, “The Engagement Project," “Gospel Shaped Ministries”, etc.)
  • A book study of choice (book of the Bible or other
  • Bible read-throughs

*All curriculum is subject to elder review.

Discipleship groups are a great opportunity to bring people outside of the Chapel into the church family.