Life Groups

  • Hosted and facilitated by Curtis and Rachel Boudreau

    This group is focused on college and young adult folks. We will encourage each other in navigating this world with our faith intact, and not only intact but getting healthier!

    We use relevant resources from RightNow Media. 

    Who: Curtis and Rachel Boudreau host

    When: 7-9 pm Monday Evenings

    Where: 2114 Wayne Street

    Text Curtis: 942-4548 Text Rachel: 937-244-8644

    Email Curtis:    

    Email Rachel:

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  • Bible study group

    Hosted and facilitated by RC Cromwell

    This group is studying the book of Ephesians. We'll enjoy a meal together then study straight from the word of God.

    Who: RC Cromwell

    When: 5 - 7 pm Sunday Evenings

    Call the Chapel office at 345-4424 for location and contact information.

Other Groups

  • Current iteration of a group started in 1995, for men who pursue truth & mutual

    encouragement together. Informal lunch gathering.

    Who, When, Where: Men, every other Wednesday, Noon

    Alaska Bagel on Northern Lights

    Call: 240-1419


  • Specific prayer for the day’s ministries, teachers, preachers, musicians, people in need, renewal of congregation

    Who, When, Where: People who pray, every Sunday 7:30 – 7:45 AM

    Upstairs middle room, Education Building