Life Groups

  • aha group (refurbished adventure group)

                    Who: Don and Bonnie Lenamond lead

                    Where: Walker home, 8450 Solar Drive

                    Phone: 242-6161

                    When: Sundays, 5:30 pm

                    How often: Bi-weekly, about 2 hours

                    What: The “refurbished” Adventure Care Group is underway…and some might even call it a “rebirth” of sorts.  This time around, we will be in pursuing the DVD series “AHA Small Group Study.”  We’ve all had an “aha moment” in our lives, an insight that changes everything!  The study draws on Scripture to reveal how three key elements – Awakening, Honesty, and Action-- can produce the same kind of “aha!” in our spiritual lives.

    For more information, you can contact Brian Williams, Jeff & Lynnette Walker, Lynette Phillips, or Don & Bonnie Lenamond

  • an experiment in community

                    Who: Ken Rosentrater leads

                    Where: 9418 Autumn Ridge Circle

                    Phone: 268-0050

                    When: Sunday Evenings, 5:30 pm

                    How often: Bi-weekly

                    What: What we do this season will be challenging. After sharing a fellowship meal, we’ll dig into some means of personal discipleship and sharing the Kingdom with people. The goal is to help each one in the group take the next step toward Jesus. Let’s take the journey together.

  • Hosted and facilitated by Curtis and Rachel Boudreau

    This group is focused on college and young adult folks. We will encourage each other in navigating this world with our faith intact, and not only intact but getting healthier!

    We use relevant resources from RightNow Media. 

    Who: Curtis and Rachel Boudreau host

    When: 7-9 pm Monday Evenings

    Where: 2114 Wayne Street

    Text Curtis: 942-4548 Text Rachel: 937-244-8644

    Email Curtis:    

    Email Rachel:

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  • Draw a circle

                    Who: Rocky and Tina Lea lead and host

                    Where: Lea home, 12230 Mary Avenue

                    Phone: 632-4295

                    When: Sundays, 5:30 pm

                    How often: Bi-weekly, about 90 minutes

                    What: Do you pray as often and as boldly as you want to? There is a way to experience a deeper, more passionate, persistent, and intimate prayer life. Using Mark Batterson's book, Draw a Circle, we will learn together how to apply the principles of prayer in his book.

  • four fields group

    Who: Mark and Becky Elder

    Where:11950 Ginami Street

    When: Thursdays 6 pm

    Phone: 244-5158

    A small group focused on growing in discipleship through inductive Bible study on the fundamentals of following Jesus and equipping with practical tools to share our walk in discipling others.

  • Mom's group

           Who: Chris Stokes and Rachel Gates

           Where: Mondeel home, 5601 E. 115th Ave.

           Phones: 336-2292 Rachel, 345-6634 Chris

           When: Mondays, 9:00 am, 2nd Monday each month

          What: Marta Sanchez will lead a book study. Kids welcome.

Other Groups

  • Current iteration of a group started in 1995, for men who pursue truth & mutual

    encouragement together. Informal lunch gathering.

    Who, When, Where: Men, every other Wednesday, Noon

    Alaska Bagel on Northern Lights

    Call: 240-1419 or 268-0050

    Email: ||

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  • Intercession for congregation, city, state, world, missions, revival - and praise to God

    Who, When, Where: People who pray, every Tuesday, 6:30 – 7:30 AM

    In the Chapel

    Just show up!

  • Specific prayer for the day’s ministries, teachers, preachers, musicians, people in need, renewal of congregation

    Who, When, Where: People who pray, every Sunday 7:30 – 7:45 AM

    Laughlins host, upstairs middle room, Education Building

    Call: 952-4711