Why Groups?

Call to prayer for Discipleship and Life Groups

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Video: Some people told us what they have seen God do in their life group.

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Chapel by the Sea has sponsored "cell" groups or "home care" groups for many years. 

They have contributed greatly to the lives of people and the strength of congregational life. 

There are multiple stories of the grace and blessing of God in these encounters. 

Yet, there was something lacking. 

We believe God is leading us to deepen our understanding of living in community with Jesus and with one another. We believe what Jesus said, "By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you love one another." Love can only be practiced in community. By community we mean something more than a group that meets once a week, says a quick prayer, gets into the Bible study for a set time, then parts ways until the next event. 

Rather the purpose is to "image Christ", as Brad House repeatedly states in his book, Community.

We are better understanding that life groups are not peripheral to the life of the congregation, but are essential expressions of the gospel of Jesus. We understand that life groups must include not just mutual care, 

which is indeed essential, but also worship and mission. 

We are shifting our thinking about small groups. They will be ongoing, even as we are in the process. 

Be watching and listening for opportunities to Own The Mission.